Vegan Monday Recipes

Melon & Cucumber Tabbouleh


Falafel & tzatziki dip is a perfect match to this dish. To make this lovely dinner you will need: half a cantaloupe melon, half a cucumber, 1-2 dl whole wheat couscous, fresh parsley, green lettuce, very small date pieces, black pepper, salt and lemon slices for each person. Prepare couscous first, 1 dl couscous requires 1 dl hot water, leave to stand in a large bowl or a plate, cover it with another plate or foil. In the meantime slice melon and cucumber, chop parsley and lettuce, mix well and add in seasoning, mix with couscous. Add in also the dates. To make tzatziki dip, 0,5 dl soya yoghurt, half a cucumber finely chopped, salt, pepper, lemon juice, garlic purée. Add in all ingredients and mix well. I would add in around 1 tea spoon garlic, 1 tea spoon lemon juice, just a hint of salt and pepper.

For falafel you will need to either Google a recipe :D or get them from a supermarket like I did. This time I was running late for my meeting so did not have time to prepare falafel myself. But I will sure try out soon. Just have a look at this recipe if you would like to try out home made falafel It says it is also gluten free.

Japanese Chili & Radish Noodle Wok


To make this yummy Japanese Chili & Radish Noodle Wok you will need:

1 red bell pepper

50g green sugar-snap peas

50g green long beans

10 small champion mushrooms

tofu (as much or as little as you wish)


onion, garlic, soya sauce, Wasabi paste, chili & radish paste, sesame oil

First hing first. Cut tofu in small cubes, place inside small plastic bag and pour in marinade. (use this one: few spoons of sesame oil, 1 teaspoon wasabi paste, 1 tablespoon chili & radish paste, 2-3 pureed garlic cloves, soya sauce to taste) Leave in for about half an hour to an hour. (if you want you can make the marinade earlier for intense taste.)

Cut in long shape, red peppers, sugar-snap peas, green long beans, mushrooms, onion & garlic. Add in some sesame oil and add all vegetables in. (All inside the wok pan :D) Then just open the plastic bag and take out tofu, deep fry it in vegetable oil. Once nicely golden brown just throw them in the wok pan. Cook noodles, add in the wok pan, fry gently before adding in the tofu marinade.

Coconut Red Curry


My sister made this really tasty Vegan Coconut Red Curry last time I visited her. She send me the recipe now so I want to share this great dish with you guys! :-)

1 onion

2 carrots

1 broccoli

3 table spoons vegan red curry paste

400 g coconut milk

1 tea spoon salt

salt, pepper

soya sauce

basmati rice

cashew nuts

Bring water to boil and cook the rice according to the recipe provided.(on the package of your chosen rice). Chop vegetables so that they will cook quite fast, pour some oil on a wok pan and add in the red curry paste. Add in vegetables and stir well before adding coconut milk and soya sauce. Cook for about 10-15 minutes, depending how raw/cooked you like your veggies. Serve with rice, side salad and cashew nuts.

Carrot & Chili Rice Noodle Wok


2 carrots

1 onion

garlic paste

tofu cubes

rice noodle

salt & pepper

chili sauce

sesame or vegetable oil

soya sauce

Wash and prepare carrots first, you can either grate or cut into small slices depending on your personal taste. Slice onions, I prefer to cut them also in longer slices not cubes. Marinate tofu in (slice tofu nicely, thinly as you prefer) soya & chili sauce, add in some garlic paste too, salt, pepper and some sesame oil). Heat up wok pan. Add in some oil and hint of salt, also just a bit of chili sauce to get the flavors out. Add in the carrot and onion, then cook tofu on a separate frying pan until its nice and golden. (some prefer to just throw it into the wok, which is probably the normal way, but I tend to fry it..) In the meantime, bring water to boil and cook rice noodles for 2-3 minutes, I think even 1-2 is enough if you plan to still keep the wok pan on heat for a few minutes after adding noodles in. They tend to get pretty soft quickly so be careful not to over cook them. After adding noodles in, you can taste it and see if you need any more soya sauce.

Cucumber & Cashew Tofu Salad

Cucumber Cashew Tofu Salad

I had a look at some vegan recipes online and got an inspiration to create simple and healthy quick and easy to make lunch type of a recipe. So all of you who want to or would like to eat healthier, but somehow find it difficult as it might be time consuming to think what to eat and so on. Here is a great dish for you to try! All you need to make this Cucumber & Cashew Tofu Salad is a half of a cucumber grated ( just use the cheese grater ), then add in some salt and pepper to taste. Gently fry tofu slices in vegetable oil, add in chili if you wish, but this is totally up to you. I think ginger paste might be a great idea to try, if you go for this mix the ginger paste with the oil. Let the tofu cool down a bit. Serve on a large plate or a bowl, add in the grated cucumber, ( press all the juice out first ), place tofu nicely on top and sprinkle some salted cashew nuts on top to give it some extra flavor, healthy fat & protein.

Fresh Cantaloupe Melon Salad

Fresh Cantaloupe Melon Salad

1/2 Cantaloupe melon diced

1/2 Ice berg lettuce chopped

salted cashew nuts

virgin olive oil




Vegetarian Sunday Recipes

Chinese Fried Rice & Chives Omelette


To make this Chinese Fried Rice & Chives Omelet, you will need:

1 red pepper

50g green sugar snap peas

50g green long beans

1 large onion

2 garlic cloves

2dl basmati rice

2 eggs

fresh chives

soya sauce, chili & radish paste, vegetable oil

Cook rice in medium heat. Let rice cool down, as grains need to separate.Chop finely peppers, green vegetables, onion & garlic. Add into a large pan vegetables & rice. Fry gently add in seasoning and spices if you wish. Mix eggs well and add in some chopped chives. Fry omelet for about 5 minutes. Cut in long slices place on a serving plate. Spoon on top some fried rice. Add just one or two omelet slices on top that is looks nice! Then all you need to do is sprinkle some fresh chives on top.

Organic Wholewheat Pancakes With Raspberry Jam & Pistachios


To make this delicious Organic Wholewheat Pancakes With Raspberry Jam & Pistachios,

you will need:

1 free-range egg

2,5 dl organic milk

1 dl organic wholewheat flour

1 table spoon almond flour

1 tablespoon sugar


1 tea spoon vanilla sugar

1 table spoon vegetable oil

butter & oil for frying pancakes

raspberry jam & chopped pistachios

Mix all dry ingredients and slowly add in milk and eggs. You can use a shaker to mix the batter up. Leave to stand for about 30 minutes. Melt butter each time you fry a pancake, also add just a drop of oil somehow they get better taste and golden crispy when you use butter & oil combo. Fry each pancake side 30-45 seconds till golden brown. Place 2-3 pancakes on each serving plate and spoon on top some raspberry jam and sprinkle chopped pistachios on each plate.

Fresh Basil Green Pesto

IMG_3982I love a good pasta with tasty pesto sauce. It’s simple and easy, but always a good choice. Here’s my recipe: Tagliatelle pasta, 1 dl cashew nuts, 3 dl basil leaves, 1 garlic clove pureed, hint of lemon juice, salt, black pepper, olive oil and 1 dl grated Parmesan cheese. Bring water to boil and cook pasta according to the recipe in the packaging. Mix all ingredients in the food processor until pesto is smooth and creamy. Once pasta is cooked, leave just a very small amount of the starchy water in and mix pasta & pesto. Spoon into serving plates, drizzle olive oil, grated Parmesan, cashew nuts if you wish and decorate with few fresh basil leaves. Serve with crusty bread.




Sweet Saturday Recipes

Birthday Cupcakes


For all the bakers, this is something you will like! :-) I will add a new feature in my blog called Sweet Saturday. You can expect some pretty & delicious desserts! This week I made these cute cupcakes for my sister’s daughter’s Birthday party. I think they will look so adorable! What do you think? To make these yummy and so cute cupcakes you will need: 2 dl wheat flour, 2 tablespoons potato flour, 2 table spoons icing sugar, 2 table spoons sugar, 0,5 dl oil, 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar, 2 teaspoons baking powder, 1 tablespoon soya powder, 2 dl soya milk. Mix all dry ingredients and add all the liquids in and mix well. Spoon mixture into the paper cups ( you can find these at the nearest Tiger shop ).  Bake in 200’C for 12 minutes. Let them cool down. Once cooled down, mix 2 table spoons icing sugar with just few drops of water, mix well. Layer on each cupcake and dip into some nonpareil (this cool colored candy style mix).

Dark Chocolate Raspberry & Pistachio Oat Cookies


I love chocolate, raspberry & pistachio combo so thought to create a healthier version of the typical chocolate cookie recipe. In this recipe you can see I used oats and organic wholewheat flour instead of white wheat flour. To make these tasty & healthier style Dark Chocolate Raspberry & Pistachio Oat Cookies, you will need:

60 g organic butter

0,75 dl sugar

1 dl organic wholewheat flour

1 dl organic raspberry & oat mix

2 tablespoons soya milk & powder mix

1/2 tea spoon vanilla sugar

1/3 tea spoon baking powder

80 g dark chocolate

chopped pistachios

Mix butter with sugar, add in vanilla sugar and soya milk & powder mix. Add all dry ingredients in and mix well, add now also chopped chocolate & pistachios as well. Make dough into small balls and place on an oven trey. Bake in 175’C, 14 minutes.

Tahini & Nut Muffins


To make these Tahini & Nut Muffins you will need:

serves 6

2 heeped table spoons wholewheat flour

1 heaped table spoon almond flour

1 table spoon chopped cashew nuts

2 heaped table spoons raw sugar

1 heaped table spoon Tahini paste

1 table spoon oil

2-3 table spoons almond milk

2 tea spoons baking powder

1 tea spoon vanilla sugar

Mix all dry ingredients and add in oil, Tahini paste and almond milk. Mix well. Spoon into muffin cups and bake in 200’C for 10 minutes.

Banana & Chia Dessert

Banana and Chia Dessert

I love Chia seeds! There’s so much talk about how you should eat superfoods daily, well I might not indulge into the super expensive foodie things on a daily basis yet, but time to time I like to try out new things. To make this yummy and pretty, on a healthy side kinda Banana & Chia Dessert, you will need: Few spoons of thick Greek or Turkish yoghurt, chopped bananas, one table spoon Chia seeds, vanilla sugar and honey to taste. Banana slices and Cashew nuts for decoration. So all you really need is to mix the yoghurt with Chia seeds and leave it for 5 minutes untill Chia seeds start to form gel. Add in now banana, vanilla sugar and just a tiny bit of honey. Spoon into a small bowl or a dessert glass. Sprinkle some chopped Cashew nuts on top and serve banana “coins” with the dessert.

Mango Mousse

IMG_3994This Mango Mousse is super easy & quick to make! All you need is 2 dl whipped cream (vegan/vegetarian it’s up to you do you want to use soya cream or regular dairy one), 0,5 dl sugar, 1 dl mango purée. Leave 1 table-spoon mango purée for each serving to use as a decoration. Mix sugar and mango purée with the whipped cream and leave it in the fridge for 30 minutes or you can probably put it in the freezer also. Once the mousse is nice and cool, spoon into small serving bowls or dessert glasses. Mix with mango purée, sprinkle some chopped pistachios on top, hint of honey or sugar, and any fruit of your choice, I used some sliced kiwi fruit to give some extra color.

Oven Baked Pancake & Exotic Fruit Salad


Have you ever tried Oven Pancake before? It’s super easy and all you have to do is chuck it in the oven and it will cook by itself! No hassle and no drama. Here’s my recipe that I used: 2 eggs, 5 dl  whole milk, 2,5 dl wholewheat flour, 1 tl baking soda, hint of salt, 2 table-spoons sugar, 1 tea-spoon vanilla sugar, 60g butter. Mix all dry ingredients, mix egg with milk and add 20g melted butter in. Mix the batter well. Add remaining melted butter with sugar and “oil” the oven trey with this so that when it bakes it will leave the crust golden and nicely caramelized. Then pour the batter in and bake in 225’C for 25-30 minutes. To make the fruit salad you can use any exotic fruit of your choice, I used some fresh pear and kiwi-fruit.




Festive Friday Recipes

Spanish Tapas Style Snacks


2 red bell peppers

10-15 garlic olives

5 champion mushrooms

sliced crusty french baguette

olive oil

vegetable oil

black pepper, salt, lemon juice

Place red peppers on an oven tray, bake in 200’c for about 30-40 minutes until completely soft, can even be a bit brown. Remove the skin and cut in slices you like. Cut olives in half. Slice mushrooms and fry gently in medium heat, add in some chopped fresh parsley, salt and also lemon juice. Cut french baguette in thin slices. Top half of them with red pepper & olive slices, the other half some mushrooms and olives if you like.  (I think it was perfect combo!) Drizzle some high quality virgin olive oil and sprinkle some pepper/salt.

Harissa Potato Wedges

Harissa Potato Wedges

Harissa is pretty spicy, so make sure you don’t over do it! These Harissa Potato Wedges are perfect companion for some after work drinks, sort of something you can nibble easily. Just remember to include forks as these are not finger food hence the Harissa paste and oil. To make these yummy ones you will need:

Potatoes sliced in 6 pieces (I made mine quite thin, but you can make them junkier if you like) gently place them on an oven trey and bake in 200’C for about 20-25 minutes till golden and a bit crispy even. Let them cool down a bit and mix Harissa paste with few table spoons of olive oil. Add now the mix on to the potatoes and mix well. Sprinkle some salt and pepper to taste. Serve with Harissa paste and dipping oil.

Vegetarian Hot Dogs

Vegetarian Hot DogsIf you haven’t tried out Vegetarian Hot Dogs yet, now it’s the perfect time to go ahead and pick all the stuff when you do your grocery shopping for the weekend! So your shopping list this Friday should look something like this: tofu/vegetarian sausages, mini hot dog buns, organic ketchup & onion. Bake tofu sausages in 200’C for 10-15 minutes. Slice onion, fry until golden. I added some smoked paprika mix and garlic. Bake hot dog buns in the oven for one or two minutes just so that they are hot. Fix your veggie doggie as you wish, just top with some delicious organic ketchup and your done.




Best Dinner Recipes

Avocado & Lime Pasta

avocado pastaHere is a lovely recipe from my sister, she made this pasta last weekend when I was visiting her in a city nearby. I absolutely love this recipe, try crisp white wine with it.

1 garlic clove

1 li­me

2 avocados



1/2 dl olive oil

handful of fresh basil

2dl grated Parmesan

400–500 g spa­ghetti/pasta

Chili & Lemongrass Coconut Curry

2014-04-19 13.35.46Here is one of my favorite curry recipes. I love lemongrass as it is so fragrant and light, chili gives some kick in to this coconut milk based curry. I added also some fresh ginger, garlic and some lime & pepper spice (lime,pepper,coriander,lemongrass) the brand is Santa Maria. Also added hint of black pepper and salt. You can also use some organic vegetable stock to give more flavour. You need 1-2 cans of coconut milk ( actually mine was a carton tetra as it is healthier than the metallic cans!) 1 tetra of chickpeas, 2 cups rice of your choice ( I used basmati actually) 1 small onion, 2 garlic gloves, 1-2 lemongrass, 1 chili. To begin with, fry on a pan quickly all the spices and garlic & onion including chopped chili ( I cut it in rings usually as it looks nice!) remember to use enough olive oil :) Boil the water and add rice. In the meantime you can add chicpeas in the spices and after 5 minutes add coconut milk and lemongrass. Let it simmer until the rice is ready.

Homemade Organic Tomato Sauce, Fresh Pasta & Basil

IMG_0562Tomato Sauce: 4 fresh tomatoes, 2 garlic gloves, 1 onion, 1 pack tomato sauce (organic), basil leaves, olive oil, pepper spice, black pepper, oregano, salt, vegetable stock cube or powder. Boil water, add tomatoes and leave for 2 minutes until the peel is coming off. Remove the peel and cut in 4 slices. Heat up olive oil, spices, herbs and salt, add vegetable stock as well. Add garlic puree and chopped onion. Leave for few minutes, add tomatoes. Leave for 2 minutes again, then add tomato sauce. Leave again for just few minutes and add basil leaves and just some more olive oil. Boil water and add salt & pasta, let it cook for 2 minutes. Once the pasta is done, add some boiling water to the tomato sauce. Drizzle some olive oil into the pasta dish. Layer pasta on large plates, spoon sauce on top and add washed fresh basil leaves on top, don’t forget the Parmesan cheese.

Thai Basil & Pineapple Chili Lime Noodles

IMG_1178I absolutely love this noodle recipe! It’s sweet, but chili gives it a little kick and lime gives some tang. Just dice 1 red onion and fry it in a wok pan, throw in some dried chili, pepper, salt. Cut vegetables quite large pieces as then they stay fresh and won’t soften as easy. You’ll need 1 orange pepper, 1 courgette, water chestnut can (rinse them gently before use), pineapple can, garlic gloves and grated fresh ginger. Bring water to boil and cook noodles for maximum 2 minutes. Rinse after with cold water and pour some sesame oil and mix. Add in the wok pan, throw some sweet chili sauce and soya sauce. Add 1 lime zest and juice, as well as some fresh spring onion, chives and sweet Thai Basil on top.

Kale Tofu Noodle Wok


To make this yummy Kale Tofu Noodle Wok, you will need one pack of whole wheat noodles, red onion slices, 1/3 broccoli, 100 grams kale leaves, 200 grams tofu, soya sauce, sesame seed oil, garlic purée. First of all, wash and prepare kale & broccoli. Heat up a wok pan, gently fry green veggies first, then add onion with garlic purée, sesame oil. Also add sliced tofu in. Bring water to boil and add some vegetable stock (organic one is best!) add noodles in and cook for few minutes. (do not cook them too soft.) Then add noodles in the wok pan and give it a good shake and add some soya sauce in. Leave it for literally one or two minutes. Not longer than that as then the veggies will not be crisp and fresh.

Quick Kale & Rice Dish


This Quick Kale & Rice Dish, is as you can tell quick to make, just bring water to boil and add some salt and the rice. Boil as directed depending which rice you use, I used jasmine rice so mine took about 8-10 minutes. In the meantime prepare broccoli & kale, I made for two so roughly the same amount as in the noodle wok! Also prepare red onion and onion slices, one or two garlic cloves and fry veggies ( use vegetable oil and hint of organic vegetable stock powder ), add some black pepper and salt if you wish. Once the rice is ready and veggies are a bit tender they are ready, for me it took around 10 minutes on medium heat. You can add some soya sauce if you wish also, I added just a hint! Also chili sauce is great, my boyfriend added chili on the noodle wok and this one also and he absolutely loved it.

Fresh Basil Cherry Tomato & Mozzarella Pizza


I love fresh basil on pizza, it gives the feel of summer and Italy! I know it’s October maybe this is not such a seasonal food. But I just love it. Nothing beats a cozy night in with your loved one enjoying a piece of good warming food like pizza! :-)

 To make this pizza you will need basic pizza dough, mozzarella and tomato red pesto, garlic cloves pureed, fresh basil chopped, mozzarella cheese ball sliced thinly, any other grated cheese (just a handfull), sliced cherry tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, olive oil.

Make the dough of your choice as normal, once it’s ready to go just bake it in the oven 225’C for 5-8 minutes till just a bit crispier. Then spread some pesto, add mozzarella and tomato slices, spoon drops of red pesto, fresh chopped basil & garlic mix. Lastly just throw a handfull of grated cheese on top and bake for about 10-12 minutes. It is better when it is still a bit “raw” as the dough should be thin and crispy. So when the dough is ready, the pizza is ready.

Grilled Red Peppers & Fresh Basil


At some point last week I needed a little bit comfort so I thought to make some filling grilled red peppers and added some fresh basil on top also to give it some colour! :-) To make this delicious & yummy dish you will need: 2 red peppers cut in half, 2 dl brown/black or kidney beans ( we had kidney beans ), herb cream cheese about 2 dl, 1 red onion and 1 onion diced in small cubes, one or two garlic cloves chopped or puréed, salt, pepper and oil. So to start of just cut the peppers in half and gently brush some oil all over the peppers. Mix cream cheese with drained kidney beans, chopped onions and garlic. Add pepper & salt. Spoon the mix inside the peppers and place in the heated oven for about 20 minutes 200’C, then add some sliced cheese on top and bake another 5-10 minutes until cheese gets some brownish color! Then just sprinkle some salt flakes, pepper and fresh basil on top, also some good olive oil.




Best Lunch Ideas

Healthy Avocado & Cucumber Sandwiches

094I just love the avocado & cucumber combo in general, but they work so well in these healthy, light open sandwiches that are great for lunch or just a quick snack as well. You will need two slices of whole wheat toast, olive oil, green lettuce, cucumber slices, avocado slices, black pepper and salt.

Tasty Summer Salad

IMG_0826I want to share this tasty summer salad recipe with you guys! It’s pretty easy to create from scratch, just mix avocados, fresh sliced cucumber, fresh pear cubes, orange or yellow mini plum tomatoes, green crisp lettuce, spring onion, red onion and feta cheese! Also add hint of black pepper, pepper mix spice and salt. Loads of virgin olive oil on top. I also baked some garlic and butter bread slices, they are quite heavy so few slices each person is enough.

Cucumber & Lime Soup

015Cucumbers are used in Scandinavian kitchen, I really love this cool soup for hot summer days. Just need two cucumbers, slice them in small cubes. 1,5 l vegetable stock, 1 lime, lemon pepper. Throw 1 cubed onion on a hot pan and gently fry in oil, add cucumber and leave for 5 mins. Add vegetable stock and let it simmer 5 minutes. Add lime juice and leave for extra 5 minutes. Add all seasoning and let it cool down for 15 minutes. ( I just put it in the sink, in a large bowl and let it cool down.) Ten refrigerate and once serving add cream. I got the idea from Jamie Oliver recipe!

Mushroom Panini With Spinach & Radish Side Salad


Here’s a quick healthy lunch recipe, you will need half a baton, cheddar cheese and one or two mushrooms sliced thinly. Sweet bell peppers, radish, cherry tomatoes, spinach and red onion, also just the normal onion too. Sprinkle some pepper mix, salt and olive oil on top.

Quick & Easy Chili Sin Carne Quesadillas


To make these tasty Quick & Easy Chili Sin Carne Quesadillas, you need whole wheat tortilla wraps, chili sin carne salsa from Go Green (it’s a carton package, it’s organic, healthy, yummy & tastes really good!) red bell peppers sliced, orange cherry tomatoes sliced, one onion sliced, garlic purée, salt, pepper, tex mex cheese. To make Quasadillas just chop onion and place it on a frying pan with some vegetable oil, leave it until golden, add red peppers, cherry tomatoes and last mix with chili sin carne. Let it simmer until all the liquid is out or just use a spoon to take it out, I actually did this myself as we were pretty hungry at this point! :D Then just put the mix into a bowl and make quesadillas on a separate chopping board or a plate ( so add the cheese and chilli in! :-) Cook on the same frying pan until it looks nice and brownish, and so that you can easily say the cheese has melted, then they are READY! I also made some roasted red pepper and chili sour cream dip + some super cute small yellow, orange and red peppers.




Best Breakfast Recipes

Lovely Pear & Almond Yoghurt Breakfast Pot

IMG_0405Just slice some fresh pear, pour some yoghurt or spoon some thick Greek style yogurt into a cute bowl, layer pear on top, sprinkle some chopped almonds on top! Add some honey if you wish ;)

Cozy Morning Breakfast

breakfast breakfast1 breakfast2

I love a good frothy whole milk latte topped with some cinnamon to wake me up. Followed by almond butter and banana toast.

It’s so nutty and also the banana softens the taste to make it really full filling. It’s been my favorite for many years now.

For the double layer cereal & yoghurt pot you will need, two kinds of nutty or seedy cereals and 4 spoons of greek yoghurt.

Also I sprinkled some almonds and raisins on top!

Cinnamon Latte & Pancakes


To make Cinnamon Pancakes just make a pancake dough 2 dl soya milk, 0,5 dl wheat flour, 1 tsp sugar, 1 tsp vanilla sugar, 1 tsp baking powder, 0,5 tsp salt, 2-3 tsp lemon juice, 2 tbls oil. Use oil as much as you need or use soya butter. Just sprinkle some brown sugar and cinnamon on top. To make a frothy latte, pour fresh espresso into a coffee mug and add frothy semi skimmed milk ( or almond/soya milk) and just sprinkle some cinnamon on top.

Banana Cinnamon Breakfast Pot

IMAG31341/2 banana

1 dl thick yogurt(soya or milk)

1-2 tbsp cinnamon

chopped and flaked almonds

add honey if you like.

Relaxed Sunday & French Breakfast

2014-02-23 09.36.07Loving relaxed Sunday mornings & perfect French breakfast to start with! My menu included almond milk vanilla latte, kiwi fruit, grape and pear salad, pink grapefruit juice & croissant…Such a simple and great way to start a day.

Almond Banana & Oat Cereal Pot


You will need almond milk, fresh banana slices, almond flakes & crunchy oat cereal. I love almond milk, it is so good with cereal and in smoothies. Also goes so well when baking.