November Looks I Like

How To Wear Pastel Trend For Winter part 3


Graphic & Pastel

1. Helmut Lang Leather Leggings, 2. Chloe Printed Silk Blouse, 3. Saint Laurent Chain & Tassel Leather Belt, 4. Linda Farrow Half-Frame Sunglasses, 5. Maison Michel Andre Beaver Trilby Hat, 6. Rouland Mouret Classico Color-Block Perforated Leather Clutch, 7. Stella McCartney Loafers, 8. Sydney Evan Horse & Horseshoe Duo Charm Necklace, 9. Uncommon Matters Gold Linear Ring Set, 10. Fendi My Way Watch, 11. Alison Lou Kiss Kiss Earrings

How To Wear Pastel Trend For Winter part 2

Biker Chic & 60′s

1. Narciso Rodriguez Color Block Shift Dress, 2. Samsøe Samsøe Hemus Jacket, 3. Chloe Black Boots, 4. Movado Black Stainless Steel Watch, 5. Chanel Pearl Drop Earrings, 6. Marni Chains & Strass Necklace, 7. Jennifer Behr Swarovski crystal embellished silk & net turban, 8. Chanel Vintage Logo Brooch, 9. Chloe Large Baylee Tote, 10. Valentino Lace Trim Pleated Cashmere Scarf

How To Wear Pastel Trend For Winter part 4

Vintage & Pastel

1. Marc By Marc Jacobs Color Block Dress, 2. Marni Jacket, 3. YMC Black Patent Leather Shoes, 4. Victoria Beckham Feminine Metal Inlay Sunglasses, 4. MSGM Stole, 5. Betsey Johnson Bows On A String Wallet, 6. Vintage YSL Green Heart Earrings, 7. Marni Coal Horn Necklace, 8. Hermes Vintage Multicolour Enamel Bracelet, 9. Vintage Gold & Jade Ring

How To Wear Pastel Trend For Winter

Denim & Pastel

1. A.L.C. Jumper, 2. Rag & Bone Jeans, 3. Paul & Joe Belt, 4. Isabel Marant Boots, 5. Marc By Marc Jacobs Backpack, 6. Inverni Beanie, 7. Burberry Scarf, 8. PRSM Glasses, 9. YSL Keyring, 10. Frends Headphones

Here’s just some looks I liked this month! :-)




November Trends I Like

River Island Pastel Trend

River Island: I love these cute and adorable pastel clothing and accessories from River Island autumn/winter 2014 collection. My favourite item is the cute pastel satchel bag!! It would look great if you match it up with some all-black-outfit! :-)

Ooh La La and Metro Trends Topshop

Topshop: From Topshop’s range I picked up also some prints too as they were just so gorgeous! These are mix of their Metro & Oh La La trends for this season. My favourite item is the chic bag of course, but also the leopard print knit and lilac hat.

Miss Selfridge Vintage Style Trend

Miss Selfridge: Everything was so cute this season, so had a little bit difficulty in choosing what to share with you here. These are from the Vintage Style trend collection. My favourite item out of these is the pink dress, it’s super cute! :-)

New Look Oriental Trend

New Look: These items are from their Orient Express trend range ( correct me if I am wrong..?) I love these shoes they got, they are stylish & sexy with skinny jeans and blazer or with a cute skirt and a blouse. My favourite item is these cute lilac shoes of course! :-)

Do you like these trends? What’s your favourite? :-)

Wish you a great day!




November Wishlist

This months wishlist is all about sporty clothing! :-) I thought it would kinda go along with the whole healthy November theme. I picked up so many gorgeous and cool items that I could definitely wear for a fitness class, running, yoga or pilates class. They are all from so some are obviously ridiculously expensive and I personally will not be buying them any time soon :D! But there are also some more realistic price range stuff too such as all Nike things. I might be placing an order soon…! ;-)

So let’s start!

1. NIKE Pro Fierce Dri-FIT stretch-jersey sports bra, 2. FRENDS Layla leather and iridescent metal headphones, 3. NIKE Epic Lux snake-print stretch-jersey leggings, 4. ADIDAS BY STELLA MCCARTNEY Ararauna Dance leopard-print stretch-jersey sneakers, 5. NIKE Zoom Structure 17 mesh sneakers, 6. ORLEBAR BROWN Ipanema and Barletta padded triangle bikini, 7. MIKOH Osaka cutout swimsuit, 8. ADIDAS BY STELLA MCCARTNEY Yoga mat, 9. NIKE Gym Vintage Capri cotton-blend jersey track pants, 10. NIKE Gym Vintage cotton-blend jersey hooded top, 11. NIKE Studio Mid Pack yoga shoe and outdoor boot, 12. ADIDAS BY STELLA MCCARTNEY WS leopard-print CLIMAPROOF® storm ski jacket

What is your favourite item in this wishlist? :-)




Grilled Red Peppers & Fresh Basil


At some point last week I needed a little bit comfort so I thought to make some filling grilled red peppers and added some fresh basil on top also to give it some colour! :-) To make this delicious & yummy dish you will need: 2 red peppers cut in half, 2 dl brown/black or kidney beans ( we had kidney beans ), herb cream cheese about 2 dl, 1 red onion and 1 onion diced in small cubes, one or two garlic cloves chopped or puréed, salt, pepper and oil. So to start of just cut the peppers in half and gently brush some oil all over the peppers. Mix cream cheese with drained kidney beans, chopped onions and garlic. Add pepper & salt. Spoon the mix inside the peppers and place in the heated oven for about 20 minutes 200′C, then add some sliced cheese on top and bake another 5-10 minutes until cheese gets some brownish color! Then just sprinkle some salt flakes, pepper and fresh basil on top, also some good olive oil and enjoy! :-)




Quick Kale & Rice Dish


This Quick Kale & Rice Dish, is as you can tell quick to make, just bring water to boil and add some salt and the rice. Boil as directed depending which rice you use, I used jasmine rice so mine took about 8-10 minutes. In the meantime prepare broccoli & kale, I made for two so roughly the same amount as in the noodle wok! Also prepare red onion and onion slices, one or two garlic cloves and fry veggies ( use vegetable oil and hint of organic vegetable stock powder ), add some black pepper and salt if you wish. Once the rice is ready and veggies are a bit tender they are ready, for me it took around 10 minutes on medium heat. You can add some soya sauce if you wish also, I added just a hint! Also chili sauce is great, my boyfriend added chili on the noodle wok and this one also and he absolutely loved it! :-)




Kale Tofu Noodle Wok


To make this yummy Kale Tofu Noodle Wok, you will need one pack of whole wheat noodles, red onion slices, 1/3 broccoli, 100 grams kale leaves, 200 grams tofu, soya sauce, sesame seed oil, garlic purée. First of all, wash and prepare kale & broccoli. Heat up a wok pan, gently fry green veggies first, then add onion with garlic purée, sesame oil. Also add sliced tofu in. Bring water to boil and add some vegetable stock (organic one is best!) add noodles in and cook for few minutes. (do not cook them too soft.) Then add noodles in the wok pan and give it a good shake and add some soya sauce in. Leave it for literally one or two minutes. Not longer than that as then the veggies will not be crisp and fresh.

Hope you enjoy this recipe! :-)




Beauty: Me Time Favourites


This weekend I got some time off to just enjoy things I like to do on my own, I got the inspiration for this feature about the Me Time Tag that has been around Youtube this month. If you have not seen all the fun Vlogs about this tag, just check them out on the list below! Enjoy watching, just make yourself a cup of hot relaxing tea of your choice and tune in! :-)

But first I’d like to share with you my own Me Time favourites or things I like to do! :-)

I love to have a cup of hot tea, such as camomile or peppermint, something without any caffeine so it won’t make me stay up all night! But this time I had some Lemon Macaroon Green Tea from the Lipton Pleasure tea collection, which is awesome by the way! I also love a to have some snacks such as almonds or dark chocolate.  I picked up the new edition of Swedish Elle just to update me on what’s happening in the Scandinavian fashion world..133

Had a long hot shower and washed my hair with these keratine shampoo & conditioner from L’oreal, also used one of my favorite hair masks which smells super yummy by the way! It’s from Klippoteket. ( I’m pretty new to the brand but think it’s really good, smell wise atleast. )


After shower I gave my skin a good scrub with using just plain honey and some brown sugar. I actually left the mixture on for about 5 minutes and washed it off, gently dried my skin using soft towel. Afterwards applied one of my favourite peel-off face masks from Freeman.


While my mask was on and making my skin super soft, I did a camomile and sea salt foot bath. After about 5 minutes soaking session I scrubbed & did pedicure as well! After the nail polish dried I applied foot cream that is meant for extremely dry skin.

The Me Time Tag Vlog List:

1. Essie Button

2. Beautycrush

3. Fleur de Force

That’s all for now.

Hope you got some inspiration for your own Me Time! :-)




Healthy November Week Two

It’s Healthy November Week Two! :) I’m super happy to say that this week I felt a lot more energized and motivated compared to last week. I’m strongly believing that my work out plan is perfect balance for me, it’s crucial not to try workout too much as then your body gets tired too quickly and you sort of burn out and in the worst case scenario might even stop training completely! So do not try to train more than what you happily want to do. It’s all about making you and your body & mind happy and content. You have to want to do exercise to get the results you want to achieve. :)

So let’s start!


1. Kale. Have you tried out this green veggie already? It took a while for me to actually try kale crisps even though they been a trend for a long time now. It’s super easy to make and they are worth every penny. It’s healthier version to the basic crisps ( at least this is what people say! ) and I love that they are green :D so you really feel like you are making a favour to yourself by eating them on a Saturday night watching a movie etc. I also made few dishes that included kale. Kale noodles & kale + rice. I will post recipes next week! :-)

2. Healthy snacks. I had a little Me-Time moment so thought to make a plate that has selection of veggies, fruits & cheese. On my platter I had fresh sliced banana “coins” (they are super fun healthy snack! :-) sliced kiwi fruit, almond pineapple cheese and of course the lovely kale crisps.

3. Tea. Again I am trusting the power of tea! My top 5 at the moment are: matcha green tea, lemon macaroon green tea, strawberry cupcake green tea, ginger lemon & ginseng tea and also camomile tea.

4. Healthy snack platter number two. I tried some dark rye bread slices and lovely creamy brie cheese! Oh my gosh. I love it! Worth to try out honestly. It’s carbs + fat but a nice combo so no need to feel quilty. ( also some non salted almonds )

5. Grilled red peppers + bean & cream cheese filling. This was so tasty, I will post the recipe later also so you can have a go. To give you the idea short, I filled these peppers with some herb cream cheese, onion and beans. Topped with fresh basil leaves! Yummy!


1. Spinning. I love this super workout! It’s pretty awesome for your legs and bum, but that being said atleast for me once a week is enough.

2. Running. I continued running this week, 30 min at a time. Noticed that probably I need to think about getting new shoes for running as mine are not really meant for running. My foot started to hurt a little afterwards so probably will need to check in on that later!

3. Abs. I want that six pack before Xmas! :D So I started doing some serious abs-workout. I have done abs workout before, but now I’m sort of trying to find heavier workouts that will transform my invisible abs to very visible ones in no time. Well the reality is, this will take long long time to get any of the muscles show without pulling in your stomach. So I did about 5 x 5 workouts per style. Basic sit ups and planking position as well jack knife sit ups. ( the last one is soo intensive and hard workout! ) Arms. I did 4 kg weights 10×10 biceps + triceps. Next week I’m going to do more intensive workout for arms, I really want my arms tighter asap, but it takes looong time to see any difference. Biceps actually already show a positive change! :-) I can see an apple there, before was more like a cherry tomato or a mandarin.

4. Boxing. I used to do boxing and kick boxing when I lived in London, usually two-three times a week. It’s very intensive workout so there is no need to do it more than once or twice a week, I just somehow was a boxing addict back then :D. But yeah, so now I am thinking to continue it, but only once a week. It’s a great and fun workout!

5. Stretching. Don’t forget to do some stretching also, it’s important for your muscles. I personally sometimes forget to do that so I decided to take half an hour to get it done. I did all the basic stretches, stayed about 2-5 minutes in one position. I felt so relaxed after the stretching session. :-)

So here was my update on Healthy November, next week I am planning to add more protein and more intensive training! :-)




November Blogs I Love

Blogs I Love

Here’s this months blogs I love…Again, there are so many great blogs out there that it was pretty hard to choose only few of them to share with you. Let’s start from my top favourite blog which is Essie Button written by Estee. She is super funny and I love her Vlog channel aswell. ( I’ll post my Vlog Favourites later sometime next week or the end of this month.)

1. Essie Button

Essie Button

2. Beautycrush


3. Zoella


4. Fleur De Force

Fleur de force

5. Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr

6. Amelia Liana

amelia liana

7. The Sunday Girl

the sunday girl

8. I Covet Thee

I covet thee

9. She’s In The Glow

She is in the glow

10. Politics of Pretty

Politics of pretty

Hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do and get some new inspiration for your coffee break reads! :-)




Organic Almond Bread


I love to use ground almonds in baking, this bread is the most amazing thing that I have made for a long time! It was so moist and tasty with a nutty flavour, it’s best to eat when it is fresh and warm from the oven. Almonds are so fatty that they just make this tasty so good, but it is also healthy so no need to worry about counting calories in my opinion! :-)

To make this bread you will need: 2 dl ground almonds, 1 dl wheat flour, 1 tsp salt, 20g fresh yeast cube, 0,25 dl vegetable or olive oil, 1 dl almond milk. I mixed everything together and baked in a long tin for about 45 min in 200′C. I did not want to make this too dry so I left it a bit moist, but it was still completely well baked and fluffy even!

It’s super tasty, you will love this! :-)